Errands and Exploring

Thursday = my most productive day so far in WA. This may be something to do with the fact I was awake at 5am – damn you jet leg!

After trying and failing to fall back to sleep, I got up to make myself breakfast and sat reading on the balcony – pretty perfect way to start the day. By 9am, we were in the car on our way to Garden City to do some grocery shopping. In Cole’s, the main Australian supermarket, I managed to get a little smartphone for less than $30 (about £18) AND it already had $10 loaded onto the SIM card. So now I’ve got myself a little Australian phone to save myself all those international call/text charges!

Around 11, Beth dropped me off at the gym, and I tell you, it was the nicest gym I’ve ever set foot in! I managed to get a really good deal on a two week membership, for full use of the gym facilities – not that I need a sauna, it’s plenty hot enough outside!

The day was rounded off with a drive to North Fremantle, the oldest settlement in the Perth area. It’s named after Captain Fremantle, the English naval officer who colonised the area. Visiting and learning about places like Fremantle takes me back to the days of A Level Theatre Studies and Our Country’s Good! In fact, it was partly those days that made me want to come to Australia in the first place; I became fascinated by the cultural history of this place. I’m enjoying seeing it first hand.

On the high street in Fremantle
On the High Street in Fremantle

There was some fascinating architecture in Fremantle. Original 19th century heritage buildings remain there. Though, to me they looked bizarrely artificial – at points I felt like I was walking through a film set!

The sand track leading to Fremantle Beach

The 5am start finally got to me once we got home, and as impressed with myself as I was for staying awake all day (and not having a 4 hour nap like I did on Wednesday!), I went to bed, defeated, around 8pm. Though not before making and eating a damn good stir fry with Beth!

A successful day if you ask me ☺️

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