Chilling in Geraldton

As it happens, and to nobody’s surprise, there were things to do in Geraldton, and while I’m still slightly pining after Monkey Mia, I had a pretty good day today.

The first thing I needed to do was go and seek out some breakfast, and I discovered a cute little place called Piper Lane Café. They had an original breakfast menu, not just your usual eggs and bacon, and their seating area was almost entirely outside, comprised of not-quite-matching outdoor furniture, including milk crates (cushioned) and bean bags for seats! Perfect for a smol human such as myself 😊

But look at the most important part; my delicious breakfast! I had vanilla pannacotta with seasonal fruit and granola, and a slice of banana bread, all washed down with a glass of fresh OJ!

After feeding my rumbly tummy (why am I now speaking like Winnie-the-Pooh?), I wandered down to the foreshore where I sat reading by the ocean for a while. When I decided it was time to get out of the sun, I moseyed into the Monsignor Hawes Heritage Museum, where I met a lovely lady called Maureen. John Hawes was an architect-slash-priest who was actually born in England and designed various church buildings across England, Australia and The Bahamas.

The lovely Maureen gave me a 5 minute rundown before leaving me to read through the displays myself. Pretty interesting guy was this John Hawes; the Geraldton Cathedral, one of his masterpieces was my next destination.

Doesn’t quite match up to our beloved Salisbury Cathedral, but this one was beautiful in a different, contemporary way.

Outside the Queens Park Theatre I found the coolest sundial ever!

I couldn’t quite work out how to make perfect sense of it – I got as far as working out that we’re at the beginning-ish of February! But it was pretty cool to look at anyway with its intricate and clever little details. It’s called the Iris sundial; the designer named it after his wife, and the two children are their daughters.

The rest of the day was spent killing time, eating pasta from a cup in a fun little restaurant (see below), and desperately trying to stay awake.

I jumped on a coach at 01:20am and 7 hours later, here I am… next stop Exmouth!

(Seriously though, shout out to Maureen, she was so kind and enthusiastic and seemed generally impressed to see a young person in the Hawes museum!)

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