May 1st – Running (Shoes)

Look, I know it’s the 2nd of May and only for another 4 minutes (at the time of writing – it’ll probably be the 3rd by the time I publish this). But some unforeseen car-related troubles took up my attention today and I’ve only just sat down and had a chance to write.

The first prompt for May, Myself and I is ‘running’, which is convenient, since that’s what I’ve been writing about anyway! I am not making all that much progress honestly. Since I announced/decided 6 weeks ago that I would do the Vitality 10k, I’ve been unwell TWICE and I know that to have run during those times would have made it worse. I know when I need to let my body rest and recover and not distract it with unnecessary effort. Add to that my very up-and-down motivation and I really don’t think I’ve run as much as I should’ve done.

What I have done however, is go out and buy myself a pair of proper running shoes. The trainers I’ve been wearing up until now are the ones that I bought in Chicago in January 2017, when I was on holiday and had forgotten to take my trainers with me, but had all the rest of my gym kit. They are not specifically running shoes and they’re not tailored to my feet.

At the recommendation of my Aunty Sara, who’s been running for around 10 years, I went to a shop called Runners Need to get a gait analysis done. They have a few branches around the UK, I went to the one in The Lanes in Brighton. In this free service, they put you on a treadmill and ask you to run at a steady pace and film you for about 15-20 seconds. Their trained staff then watch back over the video frame by frame to see how you run. The staff member who served me (I think he was called Terry), was super helpful and really knowledgable. A runner himself and a coach at Lewes Running Club, I felt like I could trust his advice. Have a look at this link to find out more about gait analysis.

I was told that I have a ‘neutral’ gait, which means my ankles don’t roll in too much or too little. Excellent news really! This means that a pair of neutral shoes is suitable for me, rather than anything with a lot of corrective support, and I invested in a Swiss brand called ‘On’ (although in their logo, the O looks like a Q, which Toby [my product designer boyfriend] would say is poor logo design). The shoe is called ‘Cloud’ and it’s super comfortable and really lightweight. I haven’t tried them on a proper outdoor run yet but they always let you do a test run on the treadmill in the shoes before you buy them. I was hoping to take them out for a spin today but other events took over. My new plan is to go tomorrow and I’ll let you know how I get on with them.

One other thing I’ve liked from Runners Need is their online material. They have an ‘advice and inspiration’ section on their website which is kind of like a blog/selection of articles about a range of subjects, from training tips and injury recovery to nutrition and gait analysis. If you’re a runner, I’d recommend checking them out because they’re pretty interesting and could be useful to you!

Check in in about 30 minutes for my May 2nd post! And keep watching out for updates on my running!

(NB: I don’t really need to say this ’cause I’m definitely not important enough for this to be a concern, but I haven’t been paid or given anything by Runners Need to say nice things about them.)

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