May 2nd – Stars

This is a little bit of a cheat post in terms of May, Myself and I but I’m still shoe-horning the prompt word in there and you can’t fault me for trying!

It’s my post for May 2nd, the second day of May, Myself and I, but I’m actually writing it late in the evening of Friday 3rd May. I’ve had an unexpectedly busy couple of days involving mechanics, hospitals and lots of driving. I won’t go into detail about the hospital part other than to say that one of my relatives was rushed to hospital on Thursday evening but I saw him today and for the most part he’s okay.

As for the mechanics, oh boy do I have a story to tell. I’ve just realised this actually feels a little like deja vu, as it was a little over a year ago that I was writing on this blog about car troubles I had back in Australia.

A little while ago, my beloved Mazda 2 called Bex started making some funny noises when I put my foot on the brake pedal. If I was sensible and a bit more with it, I’d have phoned the garage as soon as it started but as it happened, I carried on tootling around, doing my thing and ignoring the noise. A few days ago, I noticed it had gotten worse. I phoned up the local dealer (not a branch I’ve used before, as I’ve not had any issues with it since I’ve lived in Brighton), who said they could book me in to have it looked at on the 10th May.

“The tenth?” I questioned. “I was really hoping you could see it before then because it’s the brakes and they’re obviously quite important..” I was told that the 10th was the earliest they could see it, but being the trusting person I am, I figured that if they were happy to make me wait that long knowing the problem, maybe it wasn’t as concerning as I had thought.

Fast forward to Thursday when I phoned up the dealer in Salisbury, knowing that I was coming home that night for an impromptu visit. I explained the situation to them and asked whether they could squeeze me in whilst I was home. At this point I was told not to drive the car (and certainly not to drive it 90 miles down the motorway) and to call roadside assistance for someone to have a look at it. The upshot ended up being that my brakes were knackered, the fact that I’d been driving with them like that was “very dangerous” (quote; the mechanic, 2k19) and it needed to be sorted ASAP.

Somewhat ironically, it ended up going to the same garage that I had initially phoned and they saw it and repaired it the very same day! 24 hours and £370 later, I have a new set of brake pads and discs and a much safer car.

What does this all have to do with stars, you ask? Well, in hindsight I realise how lucky I was that nothing went wrong with the brakes whilst I was driving. The whole situation was a faff and a pain in the arse but I’m thanking my lucky stars that it cost me money and not my life. Moral of the story guys; contact a garage as soon as something dodgy starts going on with your car, especially if it’s to do with the brakes. And if they fob you off for a booking in two weeks time, call someone else! Don’t take risks!

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