About Me

Hello! I’m Hermione. Yes, really!

I started this blog in January 2018 to document my 3 month trip to Australia which I took during the second of my two gap years. After returning, I left the blog alone for a while as I went back to work and prepared to start university. Then, in March 2019, I resurfaced.

I’m studying Pharmacy at the University of Brighton, but I’ve always been creative. Drama, English and Music were my favourite subjects at school. And one of my great loves? Creative Writing. I realised that with all the science I was struggling through at uni, I missed having a creative outlet. So, I decided to return to writing. Some of it I post on here; the chatty, bloggy, lifey things that I feel like sharing. Some of it I keep to myself; the fiction ideas, mostly!

So this is my little corner of the internet where I write about things I’m doing (like running 10k’s), things I’m enjoying (like Taylor Swift’s music), and things I’m learning (like why it’s not a good idea to skip your prescription medication – ironically unrelated to the pharmacy degree!).

Photo credit: Toby Crabtree. Taken in Amsterdam, March 2017. One of my favourite holidays to date.



(I don’t talk about work all that much, but just for clarification: all views on this website are my own and are in no way associated with the University of Brighton or any of the companies I have worked for in my Pharmacy career.)