An update on my plans

Many of you will have heard me talking about my itinerary for this trip, and so many of you will be expecting me to head east pretty soon. But I’ve had a change of plan.

I felt that 2 beautiful coasts, plus a week in Alice Springs was too much to tackle in just 2 and a half months. When I leave Alice Springs I’ll have only three weeks before my flight home, and the last thing I want to do is rush any part of this experience. So, I’ve decided to come back West after Alice, and experience more of what WA has to offer. Even in the 5 weeks I’ve already been here, I know I haven’t seen even half of it!

As mentioned in my previous post, changes of arrangements during a big trip can be a little anxiety-inducing, but this is one decision that I’m 100% confident is the right one!

You Live and You Learn

That’s the phrase that keeps going through my head as I’m travelling around WA.

Not everything can go exactly according to plan when you’re travelling, and unfortunately for me, anxiety makes it even harder to let go and just let things happen!

Yesterday I left Monkey Mia and travelled South to a town called Geraldton. Due to a bad experience with the shuttle driver who took me to Monkey, I wasn’t going to get the shuttle back, and hitching a lift with two other volunteers who were heading back to Perth was the most cost effective and sensible seeming way to move forward.

When I got here, I checked in to my AirBnB, sat down on the bed and burst into tears. Going from the beautiful beaches, blissful remoteness, and friendly faces of Monkey Mia to the utterly juxtaposing overcast skies and small city that reminds me painfully of Salisbury was too much for my sleep-deprived head to cope with.

Fortunately a quick FaceTime chat with Beth helped me to calm down and rationalise; leaving Monkey was hard, but I’ve done that bit, it was amazing, and now it’s time to keep moving. And I can always go back!

As for my next steps, I have to stop feeling like I’m wasting days. Today I slept almost all day, which sounds like the ultimate waste of a day, but truthfully, after a spate of late nights and early mornings, I needed the catch up.

Tomorrow I’ll go out and see what the town of Geraldton has to offer – I’ve done some research and I know I can fill a day. Tomorrow evening I get back on the bus to Exmouth, where I’ve made the decision to hire a car for the rest of my trip. The logic there is to make things easier, and allow myself the freedom to go where I want, when I want, rather than relying on buses that only run twice a week!

I’ve learned three things:

1) You’re allowed to have a rest day – we’re all human and we all need to sleep!

2) Sometimes you have to take what feels like a step back, before you can keep moving forwards.

3) You can’t control everything. Even the best laid plans don’t always work out, but there’s a solution to every mishap.

It’s all part of the experience, and now I know for the future. I’m living and learning.

And I’ll tell you one more thing – I bet people didn’t expect to read a post like this on my blog about the epic experience of travelling around Oz, but not every second of every day is filled with joy and excitement. That’s part of the travel experience too, and it wouldn’t be an honest account of my travels if I didn’t mention the shit parts.

Tomorrow’s a new day – wish me luck!

T minus 4 days…

In 4 days, I’m embarking on the biggest adventure of my life so far and I can’t tell you how excited I am. I’ll be away for nearly 3 months – the longest I’ve been away from home, from my family, my friends, my country.

I’ve been quietly planning this trip for almost 2 years, until one morning in September last year, I woke up and thought, ‘I’m going to book those flights today’. No word of a lie, it was exactly that spontaneous. Four months later, I’ve said my goodbyes to my lovely work friends, suspended my gym membership, loaded Australian Dollars onto a Travel Money card… and now I’m sat on the sofa watching The Breakfast Club! Hey, I can’t be proactive and efficient all the time!

I’m making a point of enjoying the last few days before I go and trying to appreciate every moment. I’m prone to overthinking and if I focus too hard on how much I’m going to miss people, then it’ll spoil the time I have with them before I’m off. So far, I’ve enjoyed a night in on the sofa with good friends, good food and maybe slightly too much Prosecco (New Year’s Day well spent if you ask me), plus Curry and Movie Night with the boyfriend.

Tuesday was shopping spree day! It was off to the outdoor stores (of which there are a disconcertingly large number in Smallsbury), to buy a rucksack and some goodies to go with it. Think first aid kit, nice little compact washbag, groovy travel towel and even a bright pink SheWee (thanks Mum)!

The rest of the week holds lunch with my big sister and her two gorgeous children, watching my little sister one last time in the Salisbury Pantomime (go and see Jack and The Beanstalk, it’s amazing!)… oh yeah, and I should probably pack at some point also!

I’m very much playing this whole blog thing, and in fact most elements of my trip, by ear. So, you’ll have to excuse me if it’s a little mish-mashy at times. I look forward to taking anyone who’s interested on this journey with me; the countdown starts now.